The Photographic Art of Thomas Welborn | Guestbook
It seems my first try to write into your guestbook did not go through, so I am trying again ;-)

Your wonderful photos really show your love for nature. The breathtaking beauty of the lakes and canyons enhanced with amazing colours or the simple beauty of grass covered by snow in monochrome - it's the mood and the feeling that you convey which makes them even more special.
I also really enjoyed your book about the Red Rock Canyon, a nearly alien and gorgeous landscape in wide and close-up views - perfect.

Thank you for sharing your work :-)
Thomas Crews(non-registered)
Enjoying your work, your blogs, your knowledge and experience! Thank you for sharing yourself with the world... Wishing you the best, my friend.
Ben Shields(non-registered)
You may not believe this, Thomas, but in a comment I was writing back to you after you thanked me for sharing your "Flying Penants" image on G+, I scribbled out a sentence about how you should put together a book of your photographs from Red Rock Canyon. I deleted it, and can't remember why, but it is so nice to see that you ARE putting one together! Best of luck to you with the book and in your continued work, and thank you for your kind words in my guestbook, as well.
I've really enjoyed seeing your photos here on your blog page, Thomas. I haven't been through everything yet. I've got your site bookmarked. Thanks for the info and link from G+. I'm struggling with G+. It is not intuitive at all. I really like your photography and enjoy that you give all the details of your shot including your processing steps. I'm about 3 hours or so from you and would love to get to your neck of the woods. I'll see if I can make it to your workshop in the fall.
Thomas Welborn(non-registered)
Thank you Linda for taking the time to look. I really appreciate your kind comments.
Linda Henson(non-registered)
Just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. You have done a wonderful job.
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