The Photographic Art of Thomas Welborn | BOOKS
For the past 6 years, I have been working on a project that I hoped would eventually result in a photo book. Projects of this sort occasionally get shelved as other short term projects are pursued and this one was no different. Just one of many reasons for taking so long to bring it to fruition. 
As with any project of this scope, it is easy to feel that there is always one more image to create before feeling like I could start. Moving away provided an ideal solution to help push me towards making the decision to bring it to completion, as I no longer had immediate access to the place. 
Several months went by and finally off to the publisher it goes all the while anxiously waiting for the first proof copy to arrive. The day finally came and I was elated! The quality was beyond my expectations for a self published book. And so . . .
I am pleased to announce the availability of my first book, RED ROCK CANYON - A Photographic Journey.

The book is available from Blurb Books in two formats, a softcover edition and a limited edition hardcover. The photo pages in both books are printed on a premium heavy-weight 'pearl lustre' paper. The hardcover features a black linen cover with gray end papers and a traditional dust jacket. The hardcover edition is a limited run of 50 only. You can view the entire contents of the book by opening the widget above. By clicking on the icon to the right of the shopping cart in the widget, the widget will open in full screen view. Click on the link under the photo above and you will be taken to the appropriate page on their website where you can 'preview' the contents of the entire book.
Setting prices for a project like this are fraught with frustrations. On the one hand, I would like to make a profit from my endeavor, but on the other hand, the actual cost of the books is quite high because I do not have a publisher printing the book in large quantities that would keep the cost down. In the end, I felt that I would rather make the cost 'reasonable' (if there is such a thing) in the hopes that a few of you would be able to afford the book.
If you would like a hand signed copy of the book, shoot me an email at and I will make arrangements to get you set up.
Thanks to all of my friends and followers over the years for making this possible. Without your continued support this book would not have been possible.