Musings On The Craft II

May 18, 2014  •  4 Comments


Despite my recent absence from 'social media', I have been creating some new work. I find it to be the best therapy in times of tribulation. Recent personal events have turned my world upside down a bit, so rather than dwelling on these events I go out with my gear and get to work.

Photography is one of the few passions I have experienced that I truly draw immense satisfaction from when life throws the book at you. Working through getting a composition just right, then through the technical details, allows me to focus on the moment. Everything else seems to fall by the wayside. Photography has a serious calming effect on my mind and soul.

Spring In The Canyon IISpring In The Canyon IIA riot of green ivys and creepers contrast sharply with the warm glow of evening light on the orange-red sandstone in Red Rock Canyon State Park.

"Spring In The Canyon II"

Spring time in Red Rock Canyon State Park here in Oklahoma is always a joy to photograph. The green of ivys and creepers, as well as all of the trees and other foliage is almost electric. The green contrasting against the red-orange sandstone of the canyon walls makes for some vibrant images that really grabs a viewers attention.

I had worked this spot many times in the past under many different lighting conditions but had seldom been satisfied with the results. On this occasion, I had my back to a tree and the tripod positioned on the rock in the foreground and another one to the side to create this composition. Finally I have an image that I'm very pleased to share with you


I know that most of you have driven by a particular scene or place that makes you always think "I need to stop and photograph this some day", but you don't. Sometimes the light is wrong or you just don't 'see' it in your mind yet. Then that day comes along when you look and suddenly your brain says 'now is the time'. Here is one of those times.

Stockage StonehengeStockage StonehengeA stockade corral on the hilltop made for a nice silhouette against a dark and moody storm system.


This stockade is made up of what appears to be every conceivable size and heighth of board and post. In other words, the rancher used what he just had laying around. I find it to be a very creative use of such materials and had always thought that it looked really cool.

We had just finished with a rainstorm as I was passing by. In my mind, I thought this scene would look great converted to B&W. And so you see the intended result.


I will close this post with a few thoughts about the art of photography. Art should be subjective, not objective. It should reveal an emotional response to those that view it and it should make them want to know more. They should want to be there! If an image does not accomplish these feelings, then the image is just a pretty picture. As Ansel Adams once said, "If you can't remember a photograph after viewing it, if you can't visualize the image in your mind, then it has no enduring value". Art should sooth the soul, no matter your station in life and should stay with you forever - TW


Howard Grill(non-registered)
Sorry to hear things aren't going so well. You would never know it to look at your amazing images. It is truly a gift to be able to find beauty at a time when things are down
Betty A(non-registered)
The colors in Spring in the Canyon II are so rich and vibrant, as everything about this wonderful photo. I feel like I can reach in and touch the leaves, but know I shouldn't. I'm not wise in the ways of the forest like you, my friend. It's an awesome image, Thomas. I like that little pink in the sky too. I think this one has to be my favorite. Can't say enough good about it.
its really look great,and very well said:)))
good luck and you all the best to you!
I don't know your travails, but I've had the first encyclopedia of hard knocks thrown on me! It is grand that you have a passion you love that also can be your job! And I said a while back, you are turning a corner and will find what you need in front of your face, it appears it may have been underfoot, but the pieces of your puzzle are obviously coming together. Maybe not forming the same old familiar look, but a good look. This is an amazing invitation to what you see now!
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